Forget ‘Interstellar.’ You can live in a Japanese house at the bottom of the ocean.


Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan’s latest release is raking in box office receiptsbecause it speaks to a seemingly eternal question: what if humanity could take to the stars? Though outer space holds a certain shiny allure, Earth’s oceans are just as full of possibility. Japanese construction company Shimizu wants to explore the blue unknown and build a housing complex there. It’s drawn up the “Ocean Spiral” project (hat-tip to IT Media).

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Arc Mouse. Anywhere Mouse.

Ini dia mouse yang saya kepengen. Cocok buat designer yang pastinya selalu menggunakan mouse dan kerjanya bisa dimana aja khususnya yang sedang dalam perjalanan menggunakan kereta, bis, atau pesawat. Soalnya Arc mouse ini bisa digunakan pada permukaan apapun. Ergonominya yang melengkung  memungkinkan Anda untuk mencengkaram dengan baik dan menggunakannya pada permukaan yang mungkin tidak datar.

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Japanese Company To Launch One-Man Electric Helicopter

A Japanese company called Hirobo has announced their plans to launch a one-man helicopter that runs on batteries. The counter-rotating flying vehicle can be remote operated or flown by a pilot, and reaches speeds of 62mph for up to 30 minutes. The reason you’d want to be able to remote control it is in cases of rescue operations where you could just fly it up to the person in need, have them hop on, and bring them back to safety. The silent operation of the electric motor would also help locate a person hypothetically crying out for help.

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